An Entrepreneur's Toolkit for Overcoming Self-Doubt

The UnNoticed Entrepreneur

16-01-2024 • 27 mins

Trauma and uncertainty shake entrepreneurs’ confidence, draining motivation. Leadership coach Dr Benjamin Ritter, founder of LFY Consulting,  guides founders in rediscovering their purpose.

Listen as Dr Ritter shares how to regain clarity amidst chaos. His innovative exercises help you identify core values, goals and needed community support.

You’ll hear Dr Ritter’s advice on starting small, plus an impactful step for overcoming self-doubt. We discuss why “getting the whole pie” trips up entrepreneurs, exploring a mindset shift that brings confidence.

Join us to discover Dr Ritter’s wisdom for becoming the secure, purpose-driven founder you aspire to be. You’ll come away inspired to create an environment that nurtures internal beliefs empowering your wildest visions.

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