Why distribution is more important than product in digital content marketing.

The UnNoticed Entrepreneur

22-02-2024 • 33 mins

Creating epic blog posts, videos, and podcasts is hard work. But getting eyeballs on that content is even harder. Cody Schneider, founder of AI content repurposing platform Swell, shares his distribution-over-product philosophy.

Learn Cody's set-it-and-forget-it system to effortlessly turn a single podcast episode into a cascade of social snippets, tweets, and more. Hear how one client leveraged AI-generated newsletters to snag leads and recognition. Find out the critical moment Cody missed to double down on an online ad arbitrage.

If you pour your soul into content only to see tumbleweeds roll by, don't miss this episode. Let Cody inspire you to take distribution as seriously as ideation. Applying his podcasting workflows will amplify your message and save you from unseen entrepreneurial pitfalls.

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