Befriending Pain is Essential for Wellbeing | Feat. Lina Zoghaib | Episode #26

Talk Wellness

18-07-2022 • 43 mins

We deconstruct what Pain really is and what it teaches us. Lina also gives a lot of practical tips on how to befriend pain

How can you deal with pain and transcend it by simply being a witness to it? Find out how to convert pain into pleasure. Listen to this episode to find answers to all of these questions and much more.


Whats on this Episode?

Lina shares her story of surviving cancer and hopes to inspire you that you can get through any difficulty in Life if you can befriend the Pain. Her kind and soft way of explaining the practical tips to connect deeper within to find your ground.

We talk about What pain really is , why it is important and then we also dive into some realistic tips on how to get through painful periods. In her own simple and TRUE way she shares wisdom for you to Learn how to respond to pain and not react to it.

On this episode get to know about the science behind pain - learn about Neuroagents like Opiodes "Natural Panadol" and Understand how pain can actually make you more compassionate, mentally strong and full of vibrancy.


Who is Lina Zoghaib?

Lina is a 500RYC Hatha Yoga & Meditation teacher and a certified Yoga for Cancer Patients and in recovery.

As a Yoga teacher, she has a strong passion for life and inspiring people to enjoy and live the beauty of "the now". She has been practicing various styles of Yoga since 2009 and travelling all over Asia to practice and learn from different teachers.

In March 2014, she received her advance Teacher Training Certificate (500hours) in Kerala- India, from the Arsha Yoga Vidya Peetham ( She has also practiced with different Teachers in Rishikesh-the capital of Yoga. She has studied closely with Tari Prinster in NYC and currently incorporating her methodology in heping cancer patients during their journey.

Her sessions focus on sharing, providing alignment and benefits of postures as well as various breathing techniques and meditation.

She just came back from a 2 months Meditation retreat in Srilanka, where she was practicing at a Buddhist Temple.


Some TimeStamps for this episode

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(01:06) - Somavedic - EMF Mitigator - Sponsor Message

(02:06) - Lina Zoghaib's Introduction

(03:10) - The reason for this topic

(05:06) - Marketing that mislead us

(06:31) - Lina's journey and surviving Cancer

(08:24) - "Witnessing" and how Yoga is practical

(10:34) - Understanding Pain and the types of Pain

(12:33) - Somavedic - EMF Mitigator - Sponsor Message

(12:53) - Speaking to the Author of "Sense of Tumour"

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(15:06) - What is PAIN & Why is Pain Important?

(18:08) - Tantric Ideology of Pain

(18:51) - Converting Pain into Pleasure

(19:37) - Witnessing Pain

(21:10) - Somavedic - EMF Mitigator - Sponsor Message

(21:45) - Turning Pain into Pleasure

(24:47) - Practical Tips on how to Handle Pain

(25:49) - The power of Ayurveda

(28:09) - Yogic concept of ManaSakshi

(29:18) - Applying the above tips to Befriend Pain

(31:54) - Somavedic - EMF Mitigator - Sponsor Message

(32:20) - Helping People with Cancer through Yoga

(36:51) - Worst & Best Advice received

(37:14) - Best Resources that have helped Lina

(37:20) - Most Common Myth about her Profession

(37:31) - What does Lina wish she’d known 10 Years ago

(37:41) - Wisdom for her great Grandchildren

(37:54) - Daily Routines

(38:08) - Pursuit of Relaxation (thoughts on Happiness)

(38:26) - Stress Buster - 5 ways to get rid of Stress

(38:46) - Shipwrecked

(39:29) - Wear Anjaan’s Footwear

(39:54) - Conclusion - How to Befriend Pain

(40:34) - Favourite Quote

(42:10) - Somavedic - EMF Mitigator - Sponsor Message

(42:30) - Ending Credits and Disclaimer


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