Psycho-Physical Harmony: can natural selection alone explain experiential rationality? Philip Goff v Dustin Crummett hosted by Andy Kind


21-06-2024 • 1 hr 10 mins

Why do we tend to go for an experience that feels good and when something feels bad, we tend to avoid it? Why are conscious experiences and behaviour paired together in the most rational way? The Unbelievable podcast unpacks the mystery of psycho-physical harmony with Philip Goff, Professor Philosophy at Durham University (an atheist) as he debates Dustin Crummett, a Christian philosopher. Goff believes this topic in philosophy will revolutionize how we perceive the relationship between mind and body and how we make choices based on pain-pleasure. On the podcast this week, we welcome Christian philosopher Dustin Crummett and panpsychist professor Philip Goff from Durham University. Dustin Crummett presents a compelling argument for God as the key to unraveling today's show's enigma. On the other hand, Philip Goff, in his groundbreaking 'Why?' book, proposes an intriguing solution through radical panpsychism, introducing the concept of 'pan-agentialism'—a form of free will attributed to particles, i.e., everything is the agent of its own behavior, whether it is animate or inanimate. Whether you're a seasoned philosopher or a curious mind, this episode will challenge and inspire your views on the harmony between the mind and the physical world. #philosophy #debate #atheism #psychophysicalharmony #christianphylosophy #consciousness SOCIAL LINKS Twitter: Facebook: / Instagram: / Tik Tok: / • Subscribe to the Unbelievable? podcast: • More shows, free eBook & newsletter: • For live events: • For online learning: • Support us in the USA: • Support us in the rest of the world: