Jesus and Modern Politics with Tom 'NT' Wright, Preston Sprinkle and Billy Hallowell


12-04-2024 • 1 hr 14 mins

It's no secret that modern American Christians are deeply divided over politics. This division raises important questions about the influence of Scripture on political beliefs. To make sense of this, we invited renowned scholar NT Tom Wright, theologian, professor and star of the "Ask NT Wright Anything Podcast" along with New York Times bestselling author Dr. Preston M. Sprinkle host of the Theology in the Raw podcast. Tom Wright stresses the need for Christians to prioritise the kingdom of God and embody its values within the church. Preston talks about how Israel’s exile to Babylon, Jesus’ mission on earth, and the teachings of Paul all shaped the church’s relationship with politics and can inform our own relationship with politics today. Tom Wright's co-author Mike Bird came on Unbelievable ( This is part of our continuing series on navigating politics. #politics #godandpolitics #ntwrightonline #debate SOCIAL LINKS: Twitter: / unbelievablefe Facebook:  / premierunbelievable Instagram:  / premierunbelievable Tik Tok: / premierunbelievable • Subscribe to the Unbelievable? podcast: • Support us: FOR TOM: Read Tom Wright and Michael Bird's book Jesus and the Powers Ask NT Wright Podcast: And more resources online: ⬇️ Follow Tom on Social Media IG: @ntwrightonline FOR PRESTON: Read Preston Sprinkle's book Exiles: The Church in the Shadow of Empire ⬇️ Follow Preston on Social Media X: @PrestonSprinkle IG: preston.sprinkle For more on on this and related topics check out: 🎧 Toxic social media and how to navigate the mucky business of politics -- Matters of Life and Death Podcast 📺 Should Christians play politics? Mike Bird vs Stephen Wolfe 📺 Should faith and politics mix? with Peter Wehner and Jonathan Rausch