Explaining your faith (to a church-going atheist) with John Pritchard, Andrew Nightingale & Mark Roques (replay)


18-06-2024 • 59 mins

Ever struggled to share your faith with your friends, family or colleagues? You're not alone! Today we're joined by Rt Revd John Pritchard, Former Bishop of Oxford and Acclaimed Author of 'How to Explain Your Faith' to talk about effective ways (as well as not so effective ones!) to talk about your beliefs and Christian faith with atheists, or unbelieving friends. Also joining us this episode is church-going atheist Andrew Nightingale and Christian philosopher and storyteller Mark Roques. Together, they explore what draws Andrew to the church he attends and delve into the reasons he struggles with the beliefs of Christianity. Don't miss this thought-provoking conversation on faith, belief, and the modern church. Originally aired 12 December 2014 • Subscribe to the Unbelievable? podcast: https://pod.link/267142101 • More shows, free eBook & newsletter: https://premierunbelievable.com • For live events: http://www.unbelievable.live • For online learning: https://www.premierunbelievable.com/training • Support us in the USA: http://www.premierinsight.org/unbelievableshow • Support us in the rest of the world: https://www.premierunbelievable.com/donate