How to Help Your Children with Friendship, Sex and Marriage - With Ed Drew. S3E5

Legacy Podcast

29-03-2024 • 38 mins

Friendship, Sex, and Marriage, I mean … I like all those things! But I struggle to talk about them with my children.

Join Andy as he talks with Ed Drew from Faith in Kids about loneliness and value, sex and sexuality, marriage and Mr Rogers.


0:00 - 2:36 Introductions
2:36 - 13:47 Transferable Skills
13:47 - 17:03 Loniness, Friendship and Value
17:03 - 27:31
Sex and Sexuality
27:31 - 37:08 Final Remarks

Part of our ‘How to’ series

Guest: Ed Drew

He is the director of Faith in Kids, which seeks to resource children's and family ministry in the local church. For twelve years, he was the Children’s Worker in South West London. He’s married to Mary, and they have three children. Before all that, he worked as an engineer. Author of Raising Confident Kids in a confusing world.

Host: Andy Lamberton

Andy Lamberton is the director of Legacy. He goes to the same church his parents, grandparents, great and great great-grandparents went to. Married to Debbie, they are raising their four children in Donegal with ice-pops for dessert most days. Author of Letters for Exiles: Faithful Living in a Faithless World.