Raising Sons Today - Round Table. S2E2

Legacy Podcast

02-10-2023 • 48 mins

“Fatherhood is a journey punctuated by moments”. Paul Paynter says that on our podcast - so he does! The journey and the moments. As dads, we need to keep both in mind.

Co-Hosts Andy and Stephen are joined on the Legacy Podcast by David McGinty, David Penney, Paul Paynter, Paul Decock and a young man called Nathaniel to have a round table on Raising Sons Today.

Here’s our summary.

What we do over the long run will greatly influence our sons. They will notice our priorities. They will be shaped by the atmosphere we create. And they will, in large part, follow our model of masculinity.

But moments will also have a defining influence on our sons. Decisions around tech. Trips abroad. A conversation about girls late at night. How we mark key milestones is something intentional fathers think about. All of these moments have the potential of deeply shaping our sons’ lives. Moments, though, can be easily missed. In Jon Tyson’s Book - The Intentional Father he says: “So much of our lives is defined by moments. Moments of wonder, moments of heartache, moments of accomplishment, moments of regret. An intentional father is aware of the power of moments and works hard in advance to create life-changing ones.”

In this episode we cover both the journey and the moments. We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

This is a wild ride and we talk about:
  • raising sons in the digital world
  • lies and honesty
  • dangers and duties
  • seizing moments
  • vision and intention
  • prioritising worship
  • loving your wife
  • influencing the atmosphere
  • the thousand-mile stare
  • working from home
  • what boys need
  • modelling faith
  • challenging boys
  • should I give my son a phone?
  • what’s the difference between raising a son or a daughter
  • words for a father whose son has rebelled


The Intentional Father by Jon Tyson