How to Help our Children Slow Down, with Kent Evans. S3E2

Legacy Podcast

08-02-2024 • 39 mins

Life is a million miles an hour. Is your home a haven or do you live in a hurried house? Little of what’s important happenes in a rush.

Join Andy Lamberton as he speaks with Kent Evans about helping our children slow down.


(0:00-3:29) - Introduction

(3:30-23:59) - Helping our children slow down

(24:00-39:01) - Becoming disciple-making dads

This is the second of our ‘How To’ series. Up next: How to Embrace God’s Call to be Fathers to the Fatherless, with Roger Cooke.

Guest: Kent Evans is executive director of Manhood Journey, and along with his wife, April, has not one, not two, not three, not four, but five sons.

Host: Andy Lamberton is the director of Legacy. He goes to the same church his parents, grandparents, great and great great-grandparents went to. Married to Debbie, they are raising their four children in Donegal with ice-pops for dessert most days. Author of Letters for Exiles: Faithful Living in a Faithless World.

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