Deconstructing Whiteness

Irreverend: Faith and Current Affairs

08-03-2024 • 1 hr 41 mins

Church of England revs with a difference Daniel French and Jamie Franklin sit down to discuss the big talking points in church and state. This time: the Church of England is hiring a Deconstructing Whiteness officer. The role can be yours alongside a salary of 36k. In other CofE news, a billion pounds is going to be raised by the Church Commissioners to repay the descendants of African slaves and the report recommending this also suggests an apology for displacing "traditional African religion". We ask if this is all really an appropriate use of the Church of England's assets and what it reveals about its underlying motivations and theology.
In civic news, Rishi Sunak has given a bizarre speech in which he reveals something of his own personal political theology. Rev Jamie responds.
That and much much more as ever!
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Deconstructing Whiteness:
CofE to raise £1billion to address past wrongs of slavery:
Full Racial Justice Report:
Madeleine Grant on CofE Leadership:
Rishi Sunak’s speech:
Joe Rogan on the need for religion:

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