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Introversion, WFH and the office
Introversion, WFH and the office
In this week’s show Leaders: Do they have to attend leaving parties?Working from home, or the office, which is right?Question of the week: How to handle people who don’t want to go to drinks after work. Two articles linked to this answer are: Tips for planning work social events that are introvert friendlyTips for introverts to survive work social events A discussion with Jim Culverwell: Jim is the premises mentor. He helps businesses get the right premises on the right terms for them. He has, naturally been very involved in the working from home / working from office issues; but from a different angle which I thought it would be good to explore. Contact Jim at My takeaways from the discussion were: Both home working and office working have benefits, how do you get the best of both.The first imperative in the working from home v the office debate is what’s right for the business and the people, when doing the job they need to be doing.Office design is changing to allow more collaborative spaces and more quiet working spaces. Open place isn’t a good thing for many people who need to focus, especially introverts. What were your takeaways? Add to a discussion on the Facebook page Activate Your Introvert What question would you like answered about introversion? Visit  and let me know. I’ll answer your question on the show, and you'd be welcome to join me on the show, if you like.