Episode 132 - Echoes - Sleeping Beauty and Capturing Bláthnát

Candlelit Tales Irish Mythology Podcast

22-09-2021 • 32 mins

Welcome back to the Candlelit Tales Podcast, and to the last story episode in our Echoes Series. Episode 132 - has the story of Sleeping Beauty followed by the story of Capturing Bláthnát. In this series you will hear one story from The Embers Collective, and the Irish story we think echoes something intrinsic in it. It may not be identical, but there are certain ingredients in it that we think are very similar. Do you agree? Let us know, we will be talking about this and the next two episodes in the last show of the month. So stay tuned. We often get messages about how the great warrior Cuchulainn reminds people of the hero Achilles. How Fionn is our Odin, or Manannan Mac Lir our version of Poseidon or Neptune. And when you look at any of the great stories, you will often find a familiar aspect echoed in other mythologies. Similar structures are used or similar events are described. Sometimes it can even be as blatant as the exact same plot points are used with different names. So we decided to record a few of these for this podcast. When any story is told, you can hear others echo in its re-telling. In this series, we have teamed up with London-based Storytelling Company ‘The Embers Collective’, who tell global folktales and myths set to live music. They gave us three stories, we found the Irish equivalent. We chose stories that we thought ‘echoed’ something intrinsic in these stories, and while not always obvious at first, we hope you agree there is a subtle level of repetition in these stories. The next three episodes will take on a different format as a result. You will hear The Embers Collective tell us a story, and then you will hear the Irish story afterward. In this episode, you will hear Sleeping Beauty, told by Lonan Jenkins, with music by Tim Carp. Followed by the story of Capturing Emer, told by Oisin Ryan, with music by Oisin Ryan & harmonica by Gaelforce Gillick This episode was also produced by Oisín Ryan. This podcast is proudly sponsored by the people who donate to us each month via https://www.patreon.com/candlelittales and anyone who sends us a once-off donation through the Paypal button on our website http://candlelittales.ie/ #keepherlit #keephercandlelit #candlelittales #storytelling #livemusic #mythology #irishmythology https://open.spotify.com/show/2102WuUUe9Jl6cGXNwQEKf https://soundcloud.com/candlelittales https://twitter.com/candlelit_tales?lang=en https://www.facebook.com/candlelittales/ https://www.instagram.com/candlelittales/ https://vimeo.com/user52850249