VST Episode #78 - Why the Blue Jays will miss the Playoffs...!

Valley Sports Talk

04-08-2023 • 33 mins

Welcome back to episode 78 of the VST podcast!

On Today's episode we go over all of the 5 MAJOR sports in the world!

To start it off they jump into some MLB which is a rarity on this channel.
They go over some of the bigger trades from the deadline and some Jays talk.

They then jump into some quick NFL news as there is a game scheduled on the day they recorded!

Then into some NHL as long time NHL all star Patrice Bergeron called it quits and has retired, they quickly go over where he ranks on the all time bruins lists and how he is a first ballot Hockey Hall of Famer!

To finish it off Brandon Quizzes Noah on some NBA win %

We hope you enjoyed this episode and hope to see you back for next weeks episode!

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