The Power of Paws

Krista LaRocque

Join Krista LaRocque, a dedicated adoptive mom and service dog advocate, as she dives into the compelling world of service dogs in her enlightening podcast. Witness firsthand how these furry heroes drastically elevate the quality of life for many, offering unparalleled medical assistance and emotional support. Delve into the heart of pressing questions like why service dogs are an indispensable need and the power of community contribution in bridging the supply-demand gap. Krista's passion stems from her personal journey, watching fostered and adopted children thrive in the comforting presence of emotional support dogs. However, with soaring demand, rising costs, and limited supply leading to agonizingly long waits, many find these life-changing companions out of reach. This podcast isn't just about dogs; it's about hope, community, and the mission to make the world a better place for all.

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