Change Starts from Within with Gabby Grant

The Assistant Principal Podcast

07-04-2022 • 40 mins

Show Notes, Episode 20: Change Starts from Within

About this show:

The topic of this show is restorative practices, but the show title is the key to implementing such practices: Change starts from within. In this episode we take a detour from the common one-two-three approaches to kicking off a restorative justice program in your school. Instead, we focus on you. Or more accurately, we focus on getting you to focus on you? If the discipline approaches you are relying on aren’t working, then this podcast is for you. Just don’t expect a magic bullet or paint-by-numbers approach. The change will start from within.

Notable Quotes

Gabby Grant

“Restorative practices in schools really focus on relationship building, a sense of community, while centering on accountability while repairing wrongdoing and harm. Versus a punitive punishment-based system that really focuses on individualized behavior that is rooted in punishment around shame and judgement that isn’t really focused on future behavior.”

“One of the biggest pieces of a school that is implementing restorative practices is that there is a culture of trust and value that everyone present is a valued member of that community and school, therefore everyone has a voice in what happens to them in the discipline process”

“The first step in understanding and implementing restorative practices is understanding how you handle conflict yourself”

“If you want students to have open conversations, you need to be able to have them amongst yourselves first”

“It isn’t authentic if the transformation doesn’t start from within and then spread out, it isn’t going to be sustainable”

“This type of work transforms all facets of your life”

“Change starts from within”


“If punishment worked, you wouldn’t be inundated with referrals”

“The system is really designed to extract student compliance”

“The change will begin with you, Assistant Principals”

“If you’re not willing to follow up on it, or don’t have the capacity to follow up on whatever you’re doing, don’t do it… If you can’t follow up on it and help them, all you did was put pressure on them”


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