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Driving IT Success in the Face of Mergers & Acquisitions with Fred Donatucci
Driving IT Success in the Face of Mergers & Acquisitions with Fred Donatucci
On this episode of Braindrop, Jethro Castillo is joined by Fred Donatucci, the VP of Information Technology at New-Indy Containerboard. Fred talks about the strategies and insights behind managing IT operations in a rapidly expanding company driven by mergers and acquisitions. Explore the importance of continuous learning, staying ahead of technology developments, and building a competent team to drive successful IT projects. Delve into the challenges and triumphs of a recent project that streamlined processes and reduced complexity after integrating a new acquisition. Information Technology at New-Indy Containerboard is a leading paper and packaging company that manufactures and supplies recycled containerboard to the corrugated box industry. Fred Donatucci has served as the VP of IT for New-Indy Containerboard for just about 3 years and has over 30 years of IT experience, specifically in the manufacturing industry. He has experienced great success in driving digital transformation and process improvement for businesses, using innovation, strategic thinking, and leadership ability to effectively translate business initiatives into the technology that can make them happen. You can find Fred Donatucci here: Video Podcast: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Podcast: --- Send in a voice message: