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Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Amazon Music Originals - Instrumental

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Dive right in to this Amazon Music Original playlist- great instrumental pieces only on Amazon Music


1Before Barbed Wire (Amazon Original)2Running Up That Hill3Biwa (Rework)4Ozara (Amazon Original)5Until I Found You (Amazon Music Original)6My Way of Light (Amazon Music Original)7Berriedale (Amazon Music Original)8Above and Below (Amazon Original)9Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2 in E-Flat Major (Amazon Original)10Einaudi: Fossils (Amazon Original)11A Winter Landscape by Philip Lasser (Amazon Original)12Flower Duet (Amazon Original)13I Consult You Before Everything (Amazon Original)14Mohave Runs The Colorado (Amazon Original)15El Bueno Y El Malo (Mexico City Version / Amazon Music Original / Edit)16Richter: Dream 3 (Remix / Amazon Original)17Prologue18Night Sky With Exit Wounds (Amazon Original)19September Flower (Amazon Original)20Looking at the Fish (Amazon Original)21Moon Over Deetjen's (Amazon Original)22Mallow (Amazon Original)23Escape (Bedtime Version) [Amazon Original]24Mycorrhizae Dreams (Amazon Original)25Only a Stranger Once (Edit) [Amazon Original]26Séanced (Amazon Original)27Old Mansion (Amazon Original)284K Field (Amazon Original)29Virga (Amazon Original)30Dream Sequence (Amazon Original)31A Town Called Newry (Amazon Original)3224 Hours (Amazon Original)33Drive (Amazon Music Original)34when the party's over (Amazon Original)35Walking On A Dream36Floating Upwards (Amazon Original) [No End In Sight]37sycamore skylight38Mole (Amazon Original)39Ukiyo (Amazon Music Original)