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Acoustic Rock

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Stripped down versions of your favorite rock songs. Crank these babies up to "4"


1And I Love Her2Interstate Love Song (Acoustic) [2019 Remaster]3Simple Man (Live Acoustic From Kansas City)4Black Hole Sun (Recorded Live At Red Robinson Show Theatre, Vancouver, Canada on April 30, 2011)5Cat's In The Cradle6When I'm Gone7Nothing Else Matters [feat. WATT & Elton John & Yo-Yo Ma & Robert Trujillo & Chad Smith]8Crawling (One More Light Live)9Black (Live MTV Unplugged)10Lips Of An Angel (Acoustic Version)11Outside (Acoustic Live)12Wicked Game (Live Acoustic)13Wrong Side Of Heaven (Acoustic)14Keep Away (Acoustic)15So Cold (Acoustic)16Plush (Acoustic Type Version) [2017 Remaster]17Through Glass (Live Acoustic)18Scars (Acoustic Version)19My Immortal20Nothing Compares 2 U21Come Along (Acoustic)22Rx (Medicate) [Symphonic Acoustic]23Here Without You (Acoustic Version)24Demons (Live London Sessions / 2013)25It's Been Awhile (Acoustic Live)26Behind Blue Eyes27bloody valentine (Acoustic)28Best Of You (Live at the Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - August 2006)29Like A Stone (Recorded Live At Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto, On April 20, 2011)30The Sound of Silence31Drive (Acoustic)32The Bleeding (Acoustic)33Control (Acoustic Version)34Santa Monica (Acoustic)35Landslide (Remastered)36I Am The Highway (Live At Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto, ON/2011)37My Hero (Live at the Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - August 2006)38Kryptonite (Acoustic)39Down In A Hole40How Did You Love (Acoustic)41Devil’s Grin (Acoustic) [Amazon Original]42Thunder (Live/Acoustic)43I Hate Everything About You (Acoustic Version)44Zombie (Acoustic)45Tears Don't Fall (Acoustic Version)46These Days (Acoustic)47Photograph (Acoustic) [2020 Remaster]48Lake Of Fire49Sleep Apnea (Acoustic Version)50November Rain (Acoustic Version / 1986 Sound City Session)51Change (In the House of Flies) [Acoustic] [2005 Remaster]52Had Enough (Live Acoustic)53Death by Rock and Roll (Acoustic)54Patience55Times Like These (Live at the Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - August 2006)56No Excuses57Black Eyes Blue (Acoustic)58Blind (Live At MTV Studio, NYC, 2006)59Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Acoustic)60Pardon Me (Acoustic)61Freak Like Me (Acoustic) [Live from Chicago]62Get Stoned (Acoustic)63Hear Me Now (feat. DIAMANTE)[Acoustic]64The Man Who Sold The World65Sorry (Acoustic)66Heaven Beside You67Bruised And Bloodied (Acoustic Version)68I Will Always Love You69Coming Undone (Live At MTV Studio, NYC, 2006)70Had Enough (Acoustic)71Adrenaline (Acoustic)72Seasons73Angel (Acoustic)74Animal I Have Become (Stripped Acoustic Version)75Porch (Live MTV Unplugged)76Pain (Stripped Acoustic Version)77Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & so Am I) [Acoustic]78Samantha's Gone (Acoustic)79Face Everything and Rise (Live Acoustic)80Remember When (Acoustic)81Into The Fire (Acoustic Version)82Every Time You Leave (Live Acoustic)83Against The Wall (Acoustic Version)84Warning85Swing Life Away86Leader of Men (Acoustic)87Whispers in the Dark (Acoustic)88Sound Of Madness (Live Acoustic From Kansas City)89Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) [Acoustic] [2005 Remaster]90Where Did You Sleep Last Night