Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Amazon Originals - Live

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Get in the front row with these great Amazon Original live tracks.


1Fix You (Live from Climate Pledge Arena) [Amazon Original]2One Day (Amazon Music Live)3A-Punk (Live in St. Augustine - Amazon Original)4Warmth (Live From Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg)5Fit but You Know It / Take Me As I Am (Amazon Original)6GIRL - Live from Chicago (Amazon Original)7Acid Dreams (Live from the Greek Theatre (Amazon Original))8Down in the Valley (Amazon Original)9Peace Signs (Live From Zebulon) (Amazon Original)10Path of Wellness (Live At The Hallowed Halls) [Amazon Original]11Rylan (Live From New York's Beacon Theatre [Amazon Original])12Viva la Vida (Live from Climate Pledge Arena) [Amazon Original]13Icky Thump (Live)14Wrecked (Amazon Music Live)15The Bones - Live from Chicago (Amazon Original)16Hard Times [Live] (An Amazon Music Original)17Method (Live At The Hallowed Halls) [Amazon Original]18A Ghost (BBC House Music Live Version) [Amazon Original]19Just You and I (Live from Brixton) [Amazon Original]202021 (Live in St. Augustine - Amazon Original)21Blueberry Eyes (Live from the Greek Theatre (Amazon Original))22I Am Easy To Find (Live From New York's Beacon Theatre [Amazon Original])23Heaven (Live From Los Angeles [Amazon Original])24Save Yourself (Live From Zebulon) (Amazon Original)25Lost in My Mind (Amazon Original)26The Weary Kind [Live] (An Amazon Music Original)27Blunderbuss (Live)28Sunflower (Live in Miami - Amazon Original)29Has It Come to This? / I Wish You Loved You As Much As You Love Him (Amazon Original)30Rivers and Roads (Amazon Original)