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Acoustic Alternative

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Your favorite alternative songs stripped down, unplugged & unpeeled.

97 songs • 6 hours and 6 minutes

1We're Going To Be Friends2Cigarette Daydreams (Unpeeled)3Take It All Back (String Quartet Op. 9 In C Major)4First (Return to Tackyland)5Sit Next to Me (Acoustic)6Head Up High (Acoustic)7The Hype (Berlin)8Believer (Live/Acoustic)9Everlong (Acoustic Version)10You're Somebody Else (Acoustic)11The Middle (Acoustic Version)12Monsters (Acoustic Live From Lockdown) 13Dog Days Are Over (MTV Unplugged, 2012)14Dance Monkey (Stripped Back)15Beloved (Acoustic / Recorded At The Church Studios)16Hey There Delilah17Liability18Human (Acoustic)19Misery Business (Acoustic Version) 20Unsteady (Live Session / Acoustic Version)21Mr. Brightside22Trampoline (Stripped)23Pardon Me (Acoustic)24Hallucinogenics (Stripped) 25Nothing Compares 2 U (Live At SiriusXM/2015)26Happier (Stripped)27I Will Follow You into the Dark28Move Along (Acoustic Version)29Heathens (feat. MUTEMATH)30Self Esteem31Complainer (Strings & Keys)321979 (Acoustic)33Ocean Avenue Acoustic34Chocolate (Acoustic Version) 35Fade Into You36Ain't No Rest for the Wicked (Unpeeled)37Zombie (Acoustic Version)38Soft Shock (Acoustic)39Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)40Face Down (Acoustic Version)41Wake Me Up (Acoustic)42Pompeii (Live At Studio Brussel (Acoustic))43Hero (Acoustic)44Jamie (Live/Acoustic From Cat's Paw Studios/1995)45Demons (Acoustic Live In London)46Drive47broken (acoustic)48Just A Girl (Radio 1 Live Acoustic Version [Bonus Track])49Screaming Infidelities (Acoustic) [feat. Abigail Sevigny]50Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Acoustic Version)51House of Gold52Fake Plastic Trees (Acoustic Version)53Shut Up and Dance (Live Acoustic - 2015)54Wonderwall (Album Version)55Hate Me (Acoustic Version ) 56The Scientist57405 (Acoustic)58Riptide59Ho Hey60Linger (Acoustic Version)61Where's My Love (Acoustic)62River (Acoustic)63We Will Become Silhouettes64Pretender (Acoustic)65Hotel Yorba66Forever (Amazon Original)67I Just Wanna Shine (Acoustic)68Amber69Overwhelmed (Stripped)70Beautiful Anyway (Acoustic)71She Lit a Fire72Hurt73No One Else (Live/Acoustic From Cat's Paw Studios/1995)74willow75Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Version)76Such Great Heights77Despair (Acoustic)78bloody valentine (Acoustic) 79Saturday Sun (Acoustic)80Handyman (Acoustic)81Don't Take The Money (MTV Unplugged)82Cringe (Stripped)83Walk On Water (Acoustic)84Seven Nation Army85Bad Blood (Live Piano Version)86Impossible (Orchestral Version - Live at Abbey Road) [Amazon Original] 87Deleter (Acoustic Version)88Too Close (Live At Battersea Arts Centre/2011)89Somewhere Only We Know90Paradise (Acoustic Version)91Chandelier (Piano Version)92Sex (Acoustic Version) 93Young And Beautiful (DH Orchestral Version)94We Fight (Acoustic)95White Flag (Acoustic)96Skinny Love97Champagne Supernova (MTV Unplugged Live at Hull City Hall)