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Curated by Amazon's Music Experts and Updated Weekly

The latest leftfield and experimental electronic releases.


1Tales From The Trash Stratum2Raja Eden3Monster4Moskito5Beating6Cat Paw Spiritual7If Anyone's Sleepy (PTU Remix)8Always You9Formula To Attract Affections10Concealer11OoB Prosthesis12swollen organs (take 13)13Feel My Presence14Thurs Jung Youtz15Life's Eye16Strip 7a17Every Night18I am not a woman, I'm a god (Gazelle Twin Remix)19Body, Electric20Standing in My Own Way (Part One)21Blinking22Swam23Empty Cascade24Centre De Rencontre25Counter Culture26The Secret Garden27Diastema28Silvercoat the throng (ft. Muqata’a)299 to Find 630You Left A Space31Bad Bet32Le terrible33Same Old Blues (Tim Paris Remix)34I V35Into the Void (Pt. 1)36The Hunted37We Belong (Squarepusher Remix)38Chaleur Humaine39Molecules (Lucrecia Dalt Rework)40Purple41Do What You Need to Do42Throughput43Base Reality (The Sum & The Difference)44Schizoaffective45Karoshi46Lead Sister (Tim Hecker Remix)47Dark Side48Tanzboden49Archaeans50Emley lights us moor51xxii. ICONOCLASM52Circle 1353Log In Your Fire54Painful Enlightenment55Reciprocal capture (ft. Speaker Music)56Children of the Internet [HAAi Rework]57Until Then58Mycorrhizae Dreams (Amazon Original)59Tuned Out60Il Jini Song Wapi61Rise and Shine62Fractal Lunar Sweep63Cymbal Elevation64Smaller Pools65Images66End Of The Day67Final Conference68White Picket Fence69Pulses of Information70Solstice71Concrete Dub72Core Dischord73CAN'T STOP74Silver75Elleven76Circle (Alexa Harley Vocal Version)77Out of Reality78Voice Within (KETTAMA Remix)79Transformative80Rost81White Sugar82Canopy83ECCO84April Two 1185TO FIND LOVE IS TO SEEK THE END86Grapefruit87Pidgeons88The Slinfold Loop89Fade II Black90Reflection91Mark It92Circle of Thirds93The Goat94Blood Moon95Gobbledigook (Gluteus Maximus Mix)96Wake-Up (Loraine James Remix)97Black Rainbow98Ker al Loch99The Way100Medieval Femme