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Rise Up Reggae

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Get up, stand up to these Reggae songs with a message.

39 songs • 2 hours and 41 minutes

1Get Up, Stand Up2Handsworth Revolution3Equal Rights4That Day Will Come5Police & Thieves6Revolution71865 (96º In The Shade)8Police In Helicopter9Rivers of Babylon (Long Version)10Slavery Days11Hills And Valleys12Fisherman13Better Must Come14Putting Up Resistance15Rich Man Poor Man16Youth Of Eglington 17Book of Rules18No More Fighting (2001 Digital Remaster)19Vietnam20Declaration of Rights21Kingdom Rise Kingdom Fall22Fighting Against Conviction23Tell Me How Come 24Babylon Too Rough25To Serve And Protect26World Crisis27Back Staba28No Blood For Oil29None Shall Escape the Judgement30Black Woman31Sonny's Lettah (Anti-Sus Poem)32Blood and Fire33I Need A Roof34Woman of the Ghetto35Roots and Culture36I'll Mash You Down37No Vacancy38Why Am I A Rastaman?39Harambe