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Classic Dancehall

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The best of the birth of Dancehall.

43 songs • 2 hours and 39 minutes

1Zungguzungguguzungguzeng2Oh Carolina3Murder She Wrote 4Under Mi Sleng Teng5Ring The Alarm6Who Am I7Wa-Do-Dem8Bam Bam9Bogle 10Trailor Load a Girls11Murderer12Ice Cream Love13Hot Stepper 14Everyone Falls in Love15Who Say Me Dun16Greetings17Sorry18Flex19Action20Sycamore Tree21Good Life22Bandelro23Drum Pan Sound24Tempo25Stop That Train26Punanny27Fresh Vegetable28Boops29Hello Africa30Telephone Love 31Diseases32Romantic Call33Tour34Worries In The Dance35Murder Dem36Kuff37It A Fi Burn38Hot This Year39Dread Natty Congo40Them A Bleach41Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet42Yu Dead Now 43M-16