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100 Best 2010s Rock

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Hit rewind on the best rock songs of the 2010s.


1Figure It Out2Happy Song3Psycho4My God Is the Sun5Lonely Boy6Amsterdam7Black Chandelier8Heavydirtysoul9In My Mind10What Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?11Centuries12Moaning Lisa Smile13King of the World14Falling Apart (Remastered 2020)15Fast Forward16Arguing With Thermometers17Bored To Death18Domino19Sinner2011:1121Uma Thurman22Lighthouse23Revolution Radio24White Limo25Technology26The Only Hope for Me Is You27Sixteen Saltines28Never Fight A Man With A Perm29Lights Out30The Big What If31LIES GREED MISERY32December33No Sleep34Lullaby35Re-arrange36Forever & Ever More37I Will Steal You Back38Autoportrait39War40It Remembers41Gold on the Ceiling42hometown43Control44Came Back Haunted45Greatness46Creature47I Appear Missing48Lonely Girl49Higher & Higher50Cut And Run51Last Young Renegade52Absolute Zero53Throne54Pressure55Lazaretto56Halo57Running From My Shadow (feat. grandson)58The Sky Is A Neighborhood59Feels Like Summer60Crucifire61Sail62Dial Tones63Bones64If Nothing Breaks, Nothing Moves65Samaritans66Husk67King for a Day68Shaking In The Water69Killing Strangers70Had Enough71The Hunter72Made An America73Hail To The Victor74Real Thing75Black Rain76Follow77An Animal78High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive79Blank Space80Drongo81If You Can't Hang82Make a Man83Help84Banshee (Ghost Fame)85Nimble Bastard86Glass Built Castles87Covet88Come On!89Alpha90Like It's Her Birthday91original me [feat. Dan Reynolds]92Good Girls Bad Guys93DO YOU KNOW ME?94Witch Doctor95Elektra96We Turn Red97Gum98Wring It Out99Skyspinners100Stingray Affliction