Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Love Me

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

An Amazon Music Original playlist exploring the light side of love.


1The Ways of a Woman in Love (Amazon Original)2Up on a Mountain of Love3There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (An Amazon Music Original)4Be My Baby (An Amazon Music Original)5Funnel of Love (An Amazon Music Original)6I Believe in Our Love (Live)7Crush (An Amazon Music Original)8Silent Crow (Amazon Original)9Thinkin Bout You (Amazon Original)10Into My Arms (An Amazon Music Original)11I'm Your Man (An Amazon Music Original)12Homesick (Amazon Original)13Unexpected Love (Amazon Original)14Loving Hold15L.O.V.E.16Real (Amazon Original)17Some Kinda Way (An Amazon Music Original)18Rob Your Heart (Amazon Original)19Into Your Arms20Smother You (An Amazon Music Original)21I'm on Fire (An Amazon Music Original)22I Love You Always Forever (Amazon Original)23Make Way For Love (With Pou Tiriao Singers - Amazon Original)24La Bilirrubina25Only To Be With You (Unplugged) (An Amazon Music Original)26A Love Song (Acoustic) (An Amazon Music Original)27Starlight28I Will (Amazon Original)29Can't Help Falling In Love30Chicago (An Amazon Music Original)31You're My Everything (An Amazon Music Original)32Back on Track (An Amazon Music Original)33Red Balloon (An Amazon Music Original)34Mollie and Luke (Amazon Original)35The Girl (An Amazon Music Original)36Making a Difference (An Amazon Music Original)37OTL (Acoustic) (An Amazon Music Original)38Sleepwalking, Pt. 1 (An Amazon Music Original)39Fear of Love (An Amazon Music Original)40You on My Mind41The Ballad of Tessy Boo42Love Is Strong (An Amazon Music Original)43That Look You Give That Guy (An Amazon Music Original)