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Progressive Dance

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts and Updated Weekly

The latest in progressive house and melodic techno. Cover: Maceo Plex & Faithless.


1Insomnia 2021 (Epic Mix)2Guidance3Her Entrance (Innellea's Interstellar Remix)4Operation Midnight55am6Essential Chrome7Waiting For You8Warning Signs (Extended Mix)9Out Of Reach (feat. Sansa)10Never Sleep Again11Collide12Full Effect13Solaris14Made of Cashmere15Sunburst16A Sunnyhillside (feat. Jodie Knight)17Asafir (6AM)18Miraje19What Else Is There? (ARTBAT Remix)20Ecletric21Aquatic22When The Night Falls23Close Enough24The Prey (Gui Boratto & Vintage Culture Remix)25Ocean Deep26One By One (feat. Elderbrook & Andhim) [Vintage Culture Remix]27Spicy (Edit)28Away Home29Inside Out30Bird31Froggy32The Wanderer33Come Back Around34Bring You Back (Edit)35Heartbeat (feat. Kita Menari)36Lost Gravity37The Center Will Not Hold38Palo Santo39In The Dark40Lost in the Sun (feat. Ruth Royall) [Simon Doty Night Mix]41199642Weakness (feat. Liz Cass)43Catharsis44Feels Good (Patrice Bäumel Remix)45Supernova46Alcántara47Little Darling48Calling (Cristoph Remix Edit)49Not In Love50300 Below51New Era52Oblivion53Just A Dream54Open Up Your Mind (feat. Boba Sheshera & Kíki)55Uproar56Psyche57Rebirth58At The Edge Of The World59Siargao Dreams (Edit)60Sorcery61Apricus62Sun Walker63Klynk (Original Mix)64Blame65Tomahawk66Start Again67Nextra68In Between69Nefertari70D.I.S.C.O. (Extended Version)71Say Hello72Griffith73In My Mind (Original Mix)74You've Done Enough75Dark Magic76Omnia77nCTRL78Yours79Andes80Should Have Seen It Coming81Frequency82Sympathy (Original Mix)83The Prey (Mind Against Remix)84Tadlo (Parra For Cuva Remix)85When We Were Kids (Audiojack Extended Remix)86Echoes87Devon (Extended Mix)88Golden (Fideles Remix)89The World You See90Weightless91Manic (Original Mix)92Apache93Best of Me (CamelPhat Remix)94Torn (Original Mix)95The Cure96Caverna Magica97Natural High98Bridges In The Sky (feat. Maurits Colijn)99No Judgement100The 12 Monkeys (Original Mix)