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100 Greatest Alternative 00s

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

The state of the alt. in the not too distant past.


1Idioteque2My Girls3All My Friends4Frontier Psychiatrist5Yoshimi Battles the Pink RobotsPt. 16Hidden Place7Comfy In Nautica8Heartbeats9Such Great Heights (Remastered)10Keep the Car Running11Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground12Heavy Metal Drummer13Svefn-g-englar14Obstacle 1 (2012 Remaster)15No One Knows16The Rat17Walkabout (W/ Noah Lennox)18House Of Jealous Lovers19Alice Practice20Maps21Stillness Is The Move22The Predatory Wasp of The Palisades Is Out To Get Us23Lost Cause24Fake Empire25The Way We Get By26Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl27Stuck Between Stations28Skinny Love29Gronlandic Edit30Lights & Music31Machine Gun32Crayon33Archangel34My Angel Rocks Back And Forth35Blind36We Own the Sky37Staring at the Sun38If I Had a Heart39Distortions40Kill All Hippies41A Visit From The Drum42One Beat43I Want Wind to Blow44Happy45You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son46Letter From An Occupant47Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues48Time Bomb49Good Woman50Relative Ways (EP)51Party Hard52Here's Your Future53Incinerate54Wordless Chorus55Dinosaur Act56Squares5716 Military Wives58The Opposite of Hallelujah59Cryptograms60Get Ready for Love61Son Of Sam62I Feel Just Like a Child63208064+8165Float On66Hope There's Someone67Make out Fall out Make Up68Cherry Chapstick69Cashout70Prayer To God71No Pussy Blues72Equus73The Crystal Lake74Smash Your Head75One Armed Scissor76Almost Ready77Farewell Transmission78Carry Me Ohio79The New Year80Up with People81Chasing Heather Crazy82This Year83Standing In the Way of Control84Soft Pyramids85Keep on Livin'86The Sweat Descends87Apple Orchard88When Under Ether89Elephant Gun90Hoist That Rag91Cossacks Are92Blood and Thunder93Olympians94Ride the Friendly Skies95Big Church [megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért]