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100 Greatest Heavy Metal Hits

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

From Asking Alexandra to Rob Zombie and all the good stuff inbetween.


1Enter Sandman2Raining Blood (Album Version)3Duality4Du hast5Chop Suey!6Numb7Last Resort8Down With The Sickness9Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)10Shadow Moses11Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (Remastered)12Hail to the King13Killing In The Name14Roots Bloody Roots15Painkiller16Closer17God of Ruin18Tears Don't Fall19Hereafter20In the End21Walk22God Is Dead?23My Own Summer (Shove It)24Strife25Imperium26Would You Still Be There27Cloud Connected28Bring Me To Life29The Reckoning [feat. Jacoby Shaddix]30Whore31It's Been Awhile32Bad Company33Alive (2006 Remaster)34Sway35Ratrace36All I Want37Cochise38Vice Grip39Black and White40Milk Lizard41Strength of the Mind42Blood and Thunder43Freak On a Leash44The Beautiful People45Doomsday46Karate47Replica48The Devil's Bleeding Crown49The Death Of Me50Laid to Rest51Twilight Of The Thunder God52Halo53Stargazer54Got The Time55Epic56What Have You Done (feat. Keith Caputo)57Moment of Betrayal58Fast As A Shark59Nymphetamine Fix60Amaranth61Arise62Dragula63Through Glass64Dream House65All We Love We Leave Behind66HELLYEAH (Album Version)67Pain68Never Enough69The Great Disillusion70Master Of Puppets71Walls72Long Haired Punks73Spirit Crusher74Happy?75A Dying God Coming into Human Flesh76Transylvanian Forest77Porcelain Heart78End Of Me [feat. Gavin Rossdale]79From the Other Side80Mayhem81Are You Dead Yet?82Addicted to Pain83Forever84I Don't Wanna Be Me (Edit)85The Wolf I Feed86Silvera87Bleed88Enemy of God (Live)89You Are We90Enjoy the Silence (cover version)91Bleed92I Stand Alone93Come to the Sabbath94Let Us Slay95Square Hammer96Metal On Metal97Run to the Hills (1998 Remaster)98Ace Of Spades99Whole Lotta Love (Remaster)