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100 Greatest Indie Folk

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Lose yourself in one hundred of the finest, folkiest indie tracks, from Bon Iver to Ben Howard.


1Mykonos2Skinny Love3Somebody That I Used To Know4The Only Thing5Lua6Château Lobby #4 (In C for Two Virgins)7Lost Cause8Pictures9I Was An Eagle10Every Time the Sun Comes Up11Smoke Ring for My Halo12Eyes To The Wind13Old Pine14Run15Emmylou16123417Blood I Bled18Feel You19Exit 35320I Have Been to the Mountain21The Roundabout22Farewell Transmission23Aurora Gone24Dear John [feat. Norah Jones]25Charlie Darwin26Sodom, South Georgia2720 Years28The Cave29Don't Carry It All305 Years Time31Home32Chinese Children33Left Handed Kisses34Even the Darkness Has Arms35In the Morning36Remain37Carissa38Mistress39Wolves40The Gardener41Chinese Translation42Ashamed43Hot Scary Summer44If You're Feeling Sinister45Up the Wolves46Live And Die47The Rip Tide48For You49The Box50First Love51Unfucktheworld52Your Heart Is a Twisted Vine53Fail For You54When I Go Deaf55Gideon56Shiver57Depreston58In the Night59I'm A Pilot60Ahead of the Curve61Rivers and Roads62Ophelia63Agape64Somebody's Love65Ends of the Earth66Zebra67Infinite Arms (Album Version)68Porchlight69Funeral Singers70Blister In The Sun71History Lesson Part 272Strange Moon Rising73The Greatest74A Dog's Life75Hero76Bloom (Bonus Track)77Southern Sun78O Little Light79Walking80Airplanes81Flirted With You All My Life82Little Talks83I Woke Up Today84Lady Luck85Dreams86Shirin87You're The Coliseum88I Love You But You're Dead89In Our Talons90Home as a Romanticized Concept Where Everyone Loves You Always and Forever91We Don't Eat92Georgia93Spitting At the Cameras94Advanced Falconry95Lullaby (Mountain)96I Don't Know What I Can Save You From97Gold Canary98True Love Will Find You In The End (1990)99I Want Wind to Blow