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100 Greatest Alternative 90s

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Underground and above it, the 90s were alternative music's indisputable heyday.


1Summer Babe (Winter Version)2Paranoid Android3Velouria4Beetlebum (2012 Remaster)5The New Pollution6Closer 7Scentless Apprentice8when you sleep9Sugar Kane 10She Don't Use Jelly11High12Dry13Papa Won't Leave You, Henry (2010 Remastered Version) 14Goin' Out West15Sugarcube16Feel the Pain17Banned from the End of the World18Cannonball19Tired Of Sex20Holland, 194521If I Could Talk I'd Tell You22This Is a Call23I Am A Scientist24Alison25This Is Hardcore (Original Version)26Cody27Strange28Trailer Trash 29Three Years Ago Today30Flame31Bed for the Scraping32Suck You Dry (2008 Remaster)33Pepper 34Hit35Feed the Tree36Regular John37Demon Cleaner38Good Morning, Captain (Remastered)39Mouth Breather40Touch Sensitive41Headache42Vapour Trail43Yeah! Oh, Yeah!44Cybele's Reverie45Novocaine For The Soul 46Not Too Soon47Fade Into You48Cherub Rock (Remastered 2011)49Violet50Pretend We're Dead51If I Can't Change Your Mind52Between The Bars53Come Together54Sabotage 55Army of Me56Cherry-coloured Funk57Ágaetis byrjun58The First Big Weekend 592-Step60Nude As the News61Outtasite (Outta Mind) [2017 Remaster]62Tiny Tears63Chasing A Bee64Copper 65What Do You Want Me to Say? 66Web in Front67For Love68Car Radio69Mistakes And Regrets70Alpha Centauri71New Noise72Bullet Proof Cupid 73Here Come The Rome Plows74Savory75Bellbottoms76Starry Configurations77Someday I Will Treat You Good78Teenage Caveman79Gentlemen80Evidence (2016 Remaster)81Straight Up And Down82I Wish83Down with the Bass84Never Said (Remastered)85Moon Moon86Ascension Day87The Man Who Loved Beer88Farmer In The City89Captain Badass90Grace Cathedral Park91You And Your Sister (Remastered)92All The Pretty Little Horses93If I Only…94On The Swing95Sirena 96Volcano97The Air-Conditioned Nightmare98Hooch