Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Amazon Acoustics

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Some of our favorite artists get intimate on this set of exclusive unplugged originals and covers.


1Lonely (Acoustic Version) (Amazon Original)2lights down low (Acoustic) (Amazon Original)3More Than a Feeling4I Read A Lot (Acoustic) (An Amazon Music Original)5Down in Flames (Amazon Original)6Little Darling (Amazon Original)7Astronaut (An Amazon Music Original)8Big Ole Love (Amazon Original)9Jesus He Knows Me (Amazon Original)10Lonely Stage (Amazon Original)11Creep (An Amazon Music Original)12Image of Love (Amazon Original)13Strung Out (Amazon Original)14Give It All (Acoustic) (An Amazon Music Original)15You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory (Amazon Original)16Dreams (An Amazon Music Original)17Black Sheep Boy18True Colors19Grandfather Song (An Amazon Music Original)20Ashes to Ashes (An Amazon Music Original)21Congratulations (Acoustic) (An Amazon Music Original)22Wish For The Moon (Amazon Original)23Ready to Die24Disappeared Planets (Acoustic) (Amazon Original)25Absolutes (An Amazon Music Original)26To Keep & To Be Kept (Acoustic) (An Amazon Music Original)27Dust Down a Country Road (Acoustic) (An Amazon Music Original)28John My Beloved (An Amazon Music Original)29On the Corner (Acoustic) (An Amazon Music Original)30Small Town (An Amazon Music Original)31Too Rude (Acoustic) (An Amazon Music Original)32I Ran (So Far Away) (An Amazon Music Original)33Brighter Days (Acoustic Version)34Could've Been (An Amazon Music Original)35Prince Johnny (An Amazon Music Original)36Tell Me Why (An Amazon Music Original)37He Needs Me (An Amazon Music Original)38Pink Houses (An Amazon Music Original)39What the World Needs Now Is Love (An Amazon Music Original)